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The damage caused by preventable leaks can have an enormous impact on your business — and WINT significantly mitigates​ that risk. As soon as you start analyzing your open water systems with WINT, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

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Real-Time Monitoring & Optimization

WINT helps office buildings and campuses earn Class A status by working towards LEED, LBC, and other green certifications. Our technology makes all of these goals achievable through real-time monitoring and optimization of your water usage.

Hard Data & Predictive Analytics

Most property managers depend on third parties to conduct visual inspections of their water systems. WINT replaces this reactive and subjective approach with hard data and predictive analytics that allow for a more proactive method of water intelligence.

More Accurate Cost Analysis

Water is a significant expenditure for any office property manager. WINT gives you the ability to understand exactly how much water your office is using and compare it to the number of gallons on the bill from your municipality.

Cleaner & More Sustainable Offices

WINT helps property owners prioritize clean and sustainable offices and subsequently attract socially responsible tenants. WINT further empowers tenants to successfully recruit and retain world-class talent, promote health and wellness, and inspire creativity.

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