Multi Family

In multi-family properties, depending on how the property is built, one leak in a given room or one poorly performing fixture can wreak havoc on your building’s water bill. WINT empowers you to act fast and minimize costs.

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Know Your Water Usage Inside and Out

A leak can pop up anytime and in any property. The WINT solution makes it simple to monitor water usage across an entire commercial portfolio in order to identify and immediately stop pipe-to-pipe leaks and other inefficiencies.

Attract Earth-Conscious Tenants

Tenants will pay more to live in green buildings: research indicates that lease-up rates for green buildings are 20% above average. WINT provides portfolio owners and building managers with the necessary insights to earn green certifications and capture this valuable (and growing) market.

Stop Leaks to Minimize Damages

Leaks aren’t always visible to tenants, and when they aren’t spotted, resultant flood damage can accumulate rapidly. WINT’s leak detection capabilities alert you to dangerous leaks and other events as soon as they arise and can automatically shut off the flow of water before damage accrues.

Lower Costs and Incentivize Water Conservation

Monthly water bills tell you little about your tenants’ water usage habits, but WINT gives you clear visibility into usage in each property, room, and fixture. Promote more sustainable practices by offering rent subsidies to tenants who use less water, in turn lowering your costs and minimizing your footprint.

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