Medical & Science

WINT offers real estate owners in this industry a clear path towards lowering insurance costs over time by mitigating and providing crucial data on the risks of protecting a given asset.

Edward Reyman

Vice President - York International Agency

Avoid Catastrophe, Save Millions

Biomedical facilities are expensive to run and maintain — even a brief interruption in daily operations can trigger losses in the millions of dollars. WINT offers lab and clinic supervisors real-time leak detection and the ability to avoid catastrophic events.

Gain Unprecedented Visibility

When it comes to researching, developing, and manufacturing biomedical products, water is absolutely essential to both the efficiency and safety of a facility’s work. WINT provides unprecedented visibility into the usage of this critical resource.

Invest in What Really Matters

Every dollar spent on small inefficiencies like pipe-to-pipe leaks is a dollar that could be spent on potentially life-saving research. WINT gives property managers the insights they need to maximize water efficiency and produce more groundbreaking medical discoveries.

Find a Cure

Leaks are a major inconvenience no matter where they pop up — but in biomedical research facilities, a water-related setback can be the difference between success and failure. By offering continuous, real-time updates, WINT minimizes risk and prevents large-scale damage to laboratories and facilities.

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