One of the things that makes WINT most valuable is its ability to not only detect leaks, but to automatically shut off the water once they’re detected, which minimizes the costs associated with repair and prevents your insurance premiums from skyrocketing.

Mark Weissman

Partner - Glacier Global Partners

Find Leaks Wherever They Are

Leaks can be challenging for hotels to detect, as they may occur in rooms that aren’t frequently booked. Instead of waiting on a staff member or guest to identify an issue, WINT alerts you as soon as a leak appears‚ no matter where it occurs within your property.

Pinpoint Inefficiencies to Lower Costs

If your building’s water bill increases, it’s hard to know whether spikes in usage are due to increased activity in the kitchen, an uptick in hotel events, or some other anomaly. WINT provides full visibility into your water usage so you can identify what’s driving increased costs and resolve inefficiencies with precision.

Assess Fixture Efficiency

When it comes to keeping your hotel profitable, every design element comes into play, from the lobby fountain to the showerheads. Use the WINT platform to determine which fixtures perform best, identify inefficient designs and installations, and base future outfitting decisions on those assessments.

Achieve Green Status and Attract More Guests

Today’s consumers are more eco-conscious than ever before, which gives environmentally friendly companies a competitive edge when it comes to earning brand loyalty. WINT empowers hotels and hospitality brands to reduce water usage and work toward LEED, LBC, and other green certifications.

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