Facility Management

The damage caused by preventable leaks can have an enormous impact on your business — and WINT significantly mitigates​ that risk. As soon as you start analyzing your open water systems with WINT, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

Meir Arnon

Founder & CEO - Focus Capital Group

Recognize Patterns Before They’re Problems

When you properly analyze the behavior of your water systems, patterns emerge that can predict failure before it occurs. The WINT solution enables facility managers to schedule maintenance based on observed data values from each piece of equipment — a process called condition-based maintenance (CBM).

Respond Efficiently

No matter what steps we take to prevent them, leaks and inefficiencies are inevitable. Through the WINT Solution, facility managers can monitor the efficiency of their water systems in real-time and improve their usage as soon as a problem is detected — not after they get a huge water bill.

Segment Property Water Usage

WINT enables property management to see not only how much water a property is using, but exactly where and how the water is being used. Through the WINT Solution, facility managers can discover precisely how much water one fixture, cooling tower, fountain, or other piece of equipment is consuming to identify and quickly correct inefficiencies.

Verify Compliance

As legal regulations and limitations on water usage become more common, a data-driven water management system can quickly determine whether or not your building is compliant with shifting consumption laws. WINT makes it easy to ensure your property stays compliant — even as regulations evolve.

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