What is Water Intelligence?

We’re living in a world that’s fueled by data — so why isn’t the CRE industry taking full advantage of it?

It’s Time to Bring Your Water Intelligence to the Next Level

The WINT solution brings CRE into the 21st century by connecting a property’s water flow to the Internet of Things and producing actionable insights for asset managers.

CRE Professionals Want...

Actionable Data

In today's business environment, success hinges on actionable data, and lots of it. Yet CRE professionals are still unclear on the details surrounding one of their biggest expenses: water usage.

ROI-Driven Business Decisions

The data is out there — your assets are producing it every day. WINT captures that information, organizes it, and equips CRE professionals to make smarter, ROI-driven business decisions based on real-time consumption patterns.

The WINT Solution Allows Them To...

Detect Inefficiencies to Save More Money

The WINT solution harnesses the data that properties are already producing to gives owners and asset managers the information they need to make strategic decisions.


Our planet will face unprecedented water scarcity in the coming 15 years. Eliminate waste to create cleaner, greener buildings.

Keep an Eye on the Details — Without Losing Sight of the Big Picture

The WINT solution measures micro-level details like individual fixture consumption to inform macro-level insights across an entire portfolio of properties.

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