Avi (Jack) Jacoby, CEO

  • Hometown: Timrat, IL
  • Education: Architect (BA), Diplomacy and Security (MA)

A retired Brigadier General in the Israeli Air Force, Avi (Jack) Jacoby’s leadership experience long predates his entry to the business world. As CEO of WINT, he hopes to lead a global community towards a better, smarter way of using the world’s most precious resource. Jack has a wealth of multi-disciplinary experience at the head of global organizations that deal with innovative, world-changing technology.

Why Wint? “I’m a strong believer in the technology, and want to play an active role in the revolutions that will solve humankind’s biggest problems — one of which is water scarcity. Our one-of-a-kind can help do this.”

Hobbies: Running, horse riding, oil painting (avijacoby.com)

Fun Fact: “I wish I could sleep more…does that count???”

Tamir Ben-Moshe, COO

  • Hometown: Kfar Saba, Israel
  • Education: B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, B.Sc. in Mathematics, and MA in Business Administration from Ben Gurion University

Tamir Ben-Mosche has experience in project management, sourcing, planning, logistics, and operations, most recently as the head of global supply chain at Stratasys.

Why Wint? “I think we have an exciting technology, amazing team and a huge potential to provide a real added value to our customers.”

Hobbies: Running, snowboarding, playing the guitar

Fun Fact: I enjoy a good meal but especially love chocolate.

Yossi Lev, CFO

  • Hometown: Petah Tikva, IL
  • Education: B.A. in Accounting and Economics, Bar Ilan University

Yossi Lev has spent the past 12 years in senior financial roles for multi-national corporation, prior to which he spent five years consulting for KPMG.

Why Wint? “I see WINT as a breakthrough company in the water management world, bringing a very unique technology and vision to the market. Working in a company that I believe will make a mark on the world is a privilege.”

Hobbies: Music and reading

Fun Fact: “I have an undiscovered talent for playing air guitar.”

Dror Galron, VP of R&D

  • Hometown: Hadera, IL
  • Education: B.Sc., Communication Systems Engineering, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva

With more than 15 years of experience in software development and seven as an R&D manager, there’s practically no programming problem that Dror Galron hasn’t encountered. An innovator and problem solver, Dror is able to combine his technical knowledge and leadership skills to drive people and managers over difficult obstacles towards common goals.

Why Wint? “I work in this industry because it’s impacting humanity and making the world a better, greener place. We’re a part of the IoT revolution, designing and building the water analytics industry from scratch and developing a product that affects everyone day-to-day.”

Hobbies: Sea Kayaking — he tries to paddle at least 3 times a week before work.

Fun Fact: “I am at he 4 stars BCU level for Sea Kayaking and I lead groups on paddling trips all over the world.”

Dana Tirosh, VP of Program Management

  • Hometown: Tel Aviv
  • Education: M.A. in Security and Strategic Studies from Tel Aviv University, B.A. in Biology from Technion - The Israel Institute of Technology, and Certification in System Analysis with Focus on UML Approach from John Bryce Institute

Dana Tirosh has over 15 years of hands-on and managerial experience in global, multi-national organizations. Her work in a number of industries and with large-scale computing systems has provided a wealth of technical knowledge and business skills. Dana has a rich background that includes business unit management, project management and systems integration, pharmaceutical manufacturing and operational strategies, and QA & QC management. She is certified in Lean Six Sigma and Systems Analysis and has worked in accordance with Agile and Scrum Methodologies.

Why Wint? "It’s a new and fresh company with high standards. We provide solutions for one of our planet's most critical problems, and I love that the high-end technology we build also keeps the environment clean."

Hobbies: Scuba diving, hiking, and trekking around the world

Fun Fact: "I have a HUGE Saint Bernard — the first 'kid' in our family."

Galit Maskileison, Head of Customer Success

  • Hometown: Kfar Saba (second-best city in the world after Tel Aviv)
  • Education: N/A

Galit Maskileison has over fifteen years of experience managing large service and support infrastructures within leading global organizations. In her role as head of customer success at WINT, Galit is responsible for service policies and customer relations strategies within all customer touch points, successfully increasing customer loyalty, growth, and business success.

Why Wint? “The challenge of working in a breakthrough industry that’s setting the standard for customer experience! I also love building support and success units that stay two steps ahead in order to address our customers’ wants and needs.”

Hobbies: Volleyball

Fun Fact: “I’m a Dirty dancing fan. I love the slow dance song, ‘She's like the Wind’ — and Patrick Swayze.”

Itay Kidon, Head of Cloud

  • Hometown: Ra'anana, IL
  • Education: Business Management & Information Systems at Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Itay Kidon is a full-stack developer with the advanced web development skills necessary to lead WINT through the cloud toward its most ambitious goals. From his earliest days in the professional world as a freelance web developer to his work at an advanced open source environment developer, Kidon has mastered everything current and important in his space, from implementing content management systems to creating Facebook games and applications.

Why Wint? "I'm in love with the way Israeli startups work, especially when it comes to the Internet of Things. We have a lot of value to add besides money, and that's important to me."

Hobbies: I'm a ping pong master!

Fun Fact: "I can play my fingers like Castanets."

Dr. Avy Tahan, Head of Algorithm

  • Hometown: London
  • Education: PhD in Computer Vision, University College London

A computing professional with a multi-disciplinary background in industry and academia, Dr. Avy Tahan leads the team responsible the most critical component of WINT’s technology: the algorithms that drive it. Tahan spent years in academia studying statistical modelling and computer vision before entering the business world to develop software for computer graphics, interactive multimedia, and more recently for embedded devices. Tahan’s wide base of knowledge and experience gives him the broad perspective that WINT needs to succeed across multiple CRE verticals.

Why Wint? “My motivation to work in this industry originates from the desire to use technology to make a positive contribution.”

Hobbies: Football (the real one, not the American type)

Fun Fact: “I can wiggle my ears (without hands).”

Maya Aharon, GM

  • Hometown: Tel Aviv, the best city in the world.
  • Education: B.A. in marketing from IDC Herzliya (but 4 years in startup land gave me more knowledge and tools than any school)

Having spent six years in the Israeli intelligence forces, Maya has learned to constantly think outside-the-box. That’s what drew her to startups and their potential for industry-wide disruption. With additional experience in both investment management and the startup world, Maya’s passion and expertise is creating winning teams and GTM paths that push the limits and bring companies from 0 to 1. Maya’s diverse skillset reflects the wide variety of industries in which she’s worked, including the medical tech industry, capital investment, and the development of AI like the one that powers WINT technology.

Why Wint? “Water is life — and also happens to be the new gold. Yet for many industries, water is just a monthly bill. I love the challenge WINT has taken on: leveraging technology to bridge the knowledge gap of water consumption and provide a cutting-edge tool that the real estate industry can use to cope with questions of water efficiency and resiliency.”

Hobbies: She's a fashionista

Fun Fact: “I can ride a motorcycle but can’t stop because my feet can’t reach the floor.”

Ashleigh Talberth, LEED AP VP of Business Development, North America

  • Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
  • Education: B.A., Business Economics, UCSB

A serial clean-tech entrepreneur, Ashleigh has pioneered initiatives for a broad range of leading startups and institutions for 15 years. Prior to WINT, Ashleigh was a consultant focused on spearheading strategic alliances, pilots, and design partnerships for leading water startups, working closely with a forward-thinking global enterprise to accelerate market transformation. Ashleigh co-founded the Israel-CA Greentech Partnership, which has strengthened ties on water collaboration between the U.S. and Israel and engaged in a series of partnership initiatives with Google, Secretary George Shultz, Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, and the White House. During the six years she served on the U.S. Green Building Council, Ashleigh spearheaded an aggressive sustainability initiative launched with President Clinton and in partnership with 14 companies — including Adobe, Google, Genentech, Bayer, Prudential Real Estate, SAP, and Lockheed Martin. Featured as a “leader in the green building movement” on the cover of Silicon Valley’s The Almanac, Ashleigh has also been recognized by NBC News, the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Business Times, NorthBay Business, Jerusalem Post, Israel 21c, and the Times of Israel.

Why Wint? "Because we're going to transform commercial real estate while making a positive impact on the environment."

Hobbies: Startups, cat herding, tennis, trekking in places she can’t pronounce.

Fun Fact: “I became an environmentalist at age 3, when my mom had to pick me up at school because I didn’t want to waste raisins and stuffed them up my nose for later. The ER doctor thought flushing it out with water would work, but turns out raisins expand!”

Paul McManus, Head of Customer Success

  • Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
  • Education: Bachelor’s in Business and Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne; Master’s in Environmental Engineering, Utah State University.

Paul McManus made a name for himself in the finance world by consistently improving the accuracy and timeliness of companies’ reporting. Paul’s experience working to reduce excessive risk and maximize profits in high-stakes trades leaves him perfectly equipped to ensure the success of WINT clients as they strive to streamline water usage on their properties. Paul is a process and customer-focused customer success engineer who wants to make building management easier and better using data. He’s committed to constant improvement and strategic thinking.

Why Wint? “I want to see WINT succeed at the forefront of data-driven water use to save property value — as well as save water. We are highly qualified and agile to fit the needs of our customers. We plan to disrupt this industry by providing and creating best practices and insights in how water is the precious resource that underpins how we live in modern cities.”

Hobbies: He loves scuba diving, surfing, and ocean conservation management.

Fun Fact: “For three years, I switched careers and became a tour guide in remote areas of Australia. I slept in the red dirt amongst snakes and kangaroos and cooked on campfires beneath the stars.”