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Data-Driven Optimization of the World’s Most Precious Resource

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The WINT Solution

AMR-Based Consumption Analytics and Control

The Combined Power of AMR and the Internet of Things

The WINT Solution leverages AMR/AMI infrastructure and IoT endpoints to upload water flow data to the cloud. WINT's unique set of algorithms enhance the discovery, interpretation, and analysis of meaningful patterns in water consumption data.

Leverage Data to Lower Costs

Commercial offices typically waste more than 25% of the total cost of their water bills on inefficiencies and leaks alone. WINT handles both the macro and micro of water management, from the performance of a single fixture in your building to the detection of long-term trends within an entire portfolio of properties. We equip CRE professionals with the data they need to make informed decisions that lower property management costs.


WINT technology uses pattern recognition and sophisticated algorithms to analyze a building’s water flow and provide property owners and asset managers with data-driven insights. WINT technology doesn’t simply determine how much water a building consumes, but also identifies patterns in how that water is being used. This intelligence empowers you to significantly mitigate the risk of water damage and prevent costly repairs and building downtime.

Shrink your footprint

The next fifteen years will bring unprecedented water scarcity. WINT makes sustainable water usage not only possible, but practical by giving property managers actionable insights into how they can reduce water consumption specific to their properties. We incentivize eco-conscious real estate management by providing our clients with the information they need to reduce wasteful water spending.

What is Water Intelligence?

Learn how WINT strategically deploys Internet of Things technology to manage properties, cut costs, and conserve our planet's most valuable resource.

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